12 Ave Cycle Track Closure

Bike Calgary has just received an update from the Green Line team working on downtown utility relocations. From July 24 until mid-late August 2023, the 12 Ave cycle track and two vehicle lanes will be closed between Centre Street and 1 Street SE for ATCO gas relocations. The city project team advises people on bikes to dismount and walk on the sidewalk for this block. Please visit calgary.ca/greenline for more information.

2 thoughts on “12 Ave Cycle Track Closure

  • 2wheeler

    So Lame! They’ve blocked off the cycle track across the entire block and are working on an area about 50 m length. The willingness of the City to destroy it’s own cycling infrastructure is incredibly frustrating! 12 Ave has already been decimated near Olympic Way. And 3rd Ave is going to be removed!

    One step forward 3 steps back in this town…

  • 2wheeler

    Well the lane closure has ended, happy to have the bike lanes.

    I wonder why comments aren’t posted on this site anymore?

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