14 & 15 Avenue S.W. Mobility Improvements

The City of Calgary is looking to improve the 14 Avenue S. and 15 Avenue S. corridors. Impacting our communities in Beltline, Connaught and Victoria Park (Wards 8 and 11) from 12 Street SW to 1 Street SE. The survey ends on Sunday, January 31, 2021.


As part of the 17 Avenue S.W. Construction Project, 14 Avenue S. and 15 Avenue S. were converted to one-way roads, with street parking preserved on both sides of the road, to provide detours during construction. This also provided an opportunity to improve the pedestrian experience and add wheeling facilities by reducing the widths of travel lanes to encourage a reduction in traffic speeds.

Currently, 14 Avenue S. accommodates one westbound traffic lane with parking on both sides of the street, and 15 Avenue S. has one eastbound traffic lane with parking on both sides of the street.

The City has installed temporary infrastructure on both roads, including continuous one-way wheeling lanes (and buffered wheeling lanes where road widths allowed) in the direction of traffic throughout the corridor to provide connected and consistent facilities, and to reduce vehicular travel lane widths. Where crosswalks already existed, they have also installed temporary traffic calming curbs along the corridor to reduce pedestrian crossing distances, improve sightlines and encourage a reduction in traffic speeds approaching intersections. With the help of Calgarians, the City is exploring options to improve mobility in this area.

In this upcoming phase of engagement, they are looking to have a discussion with the public about what is working and what is not working regarding mobility along 14 Avenue S. and 15 Avenue S. These conversations will help identify what changes are needed to improve mobility for people who walk, wheel, take transit, and drive.

Don’t forget to click on each tab and put your feedback in for each option. Note that Option 2A provides mobility lanes in both 14th and 15th Street (one in dual and protected), whereas 2B provides no mobility lanes Westbound but a protected dual lane Eastbound. Option 1 provides a painted line mobility lane for both East and West bound lanes.

The City will share what they heard from this feedback in Spring of 2021.

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