2022 – 2024 Strategic Plan

“Making cycling better in Calgary.” That’s the focus for Bike Calgary’s 2022-2024 Strategic Plan. You can read the short-form or full strategic plan here, so we won’t summarize the whole thing in this post. Instead, let’s talk about why the strategic plan will help us achieve that goal.

Bike Calgary is a volunteer-run organization, so a strategic plan with specific tasks helps us get the most impact out of the time we (and you) dedicate to our work. It establishes short-term actions to ensure long-term success. The 2022-2024 Strategic Plan includes four Strategic Objectives—items that guide our focus. Each of these objectives asks what will be done in the next six months to ensure success in the next three years.

The four objectives connect Bike Calgary’s internal processes – governance and fund development – with its external work of being a leader on cycling advocacy, education, and community in Calgary. Improving the way we work as an organization will lead to stronger partnerships and more effective advocacy, particularly for the 5A (Always Available for All Ages and Abilities) Network of walking and wheeling routes in the city. Major action toward expanding the 5A Network is one of the four objectives in the Strategic Plan.

Strategic planning is an important part of making sure Bike Calgary is around for the long haul. And because it’s all about making cycling better in Calgary, a better Strategic Plan for us means a better bike ride for you!

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