About Us

Bike Calgary

Bike Calgary is a membership-based nonprofit society dedicated to improving cycling in Calgary. Entirely volunteer-run and funded through donations, Bike Calgary grew out of an informal group of bicycle commuters in 2005 and was incorporated as The Commuter Cycling Bike Calgary Association in 2008. In 2017, we officially changed our name to Bike Calgary Society.

Our mission at Bike Calgary is to make Calgary a great place for all bikers – present and future – through advocacy, education and community. In our city, we currently have

    • several thousand Calgarians who ride their bikes to work every day for the entire year,
    • about 40,000 Calgarians who ride their bikes for transportation purposes regularly in the spring, summer, and fall,
    • 140,000 Calgarians who ride bikes for recreation at least once a week, and
    • about 400,000 Calgarians who ride at least occasionally.*

Bike Calgary works to improve conditions for Calgary’s cyclists and to help create a city where our current and new cyclists can cycle safely, efficiently and comfortably.

We do this in several ways:

    • Bike Calgary promotes the benefits of transportation cycling to individuals and the community, and provides resources and services for Calgarians who want to ride bicycles. This includes the resources available on this website, occasional education programs, and other workshops and information at our info tables. We also provide a forum for members to share updates on pathway conditions and other cycling topics, as well as links to relevant City of Calgary updates on cycling on our website, Facebook and Twitter.
    • Bike Calgary advocates for better cycling infrastructure (cycle tracks and bike lanes), safely shared roads, and public and government acceptance and support for cycling as a means of transportation. We work with other cycling and active transportation organizations, as well as with the City of Calgary to shape policy and implement projects that benefit Calgary’s cyclists.
    • As part of our advocacy efforts, we promote cycling as a means of transportation to the media and general public. We participate regularly as a recognized stakeholder in many of the City’s cycling infrastructure projects and strategic planning groups and activities. Our volunteers work to ensure that cyclist and pedestrian safety and comfort is taken into account in road and planning projects,  and in policy documents that guide the City, such as the City of Calgary’s Complete Streets Guide.
    • We collaborate in these efforts with other organizations inside and outside of Calgary. For example, we regularly communicate with the City’s Livable Streets department, Parks department and Transportation department. As well, we have worked on provincial initiatives with Alberta Transportation and cycling organizations in Edmonton, Canmore and Lethbridge.

To become involved with Bike Calgary, you can

    • volunteer for advocacy, education or community-building events, or
  • become a corporate sponsor.


*Calgary’s Annual May Count of Total Downtown Bike Trips (2017)

*Daily and Historical Counter Data 

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