Be safe. Leave space

There has been a lot of debate on speed limits lately in the #yyc, but education will always remain a foundation as to how we can also prevent collisions and how we act when we are sharing the streets. Driving in a residential area irrespective of the speed limit (this is a maximum after all, not a standard), should consider visibility, locations of parked vehicles, sharp or blind corners and we should always be ready to stop quickly.

The City of Calgary has implemented a “Be safe. Leave space” communications campaign to help increase the awareness to people driving of the current rules for passing a person cycling on the road.

From September 1, 2019 motorists driving slower than 60km/h are required by law to leave a minimum of 1 metre when passing someone cycling. When driving faster than 60km/hr the distance increases to at least 1.5 metres of space when passing. Failure to leave the minimum safe passing distance may result in a $203 fine as per this bylaw and can even cause the cyclist to have a serious collision due to the wind or reaction to a dangerous close pass.

Be safe. Leave space – minimum safe passing distance:

When driving 60km/h or slower, you are required to leave a minimum of one metre when passing someone cycling. When driving faster than 60km/h the safe passing distance increases to 1.5 metres.

A person driving may cross a single solid yellow line to complete a pass, if it’s safe to do so. It is not safe to pass if you are in a playground zone, near a blind corner, or when a double yellow line or oncoming traffic is present.  If you cannot pass safely with the minimum amount of space, slow down and wait for an appropriate opportunity. 

On roadways as well as mobility pathways, be sure to indicate your intentions by using the following basic hand signals:

Be safe. Leave space.

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