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Membership is free, but we also offer a paid membership which provides a unique discount structure at multiple retail outlets or even a free Bike Calgary T-Shirt.  

Membership enables you to contribute directly to Bike Calgary’s mission by:

    • increasing our member numbers which strengthens and grows Bike Calgary’s voice so it can better advocate on your behalf for a more bike friendly city,
    • being eligible to vote in elections which will help shape Bike Calgary’s priorities and strategic direction, and
    • being eligible to post on our Forums so you can add your thoughts and experiences about biking in Calgary.

Your support in becoming a member of Bike Calgary is really appreciated.

Paid Membership Option – Friend of Bike Calgary 

If you are also thinking of supporting Bike Calgary with a donation, you may be interested to know that a donation of $20 or more means you can be a Friend of Bike Calgary member. Being a Friend of Bike Calgary means that you receive

    • your free Bike Calgary membership and it’s benefits listed above,
    • various discounts at over a dozen local shops, detailed here
    • We add a lovely Bike Calgary t-shirt when your donation is $50 or more!

To become a member, fill out our Membership form below. Processing of your application is usually done within 48 hours, whereby your membership card and/or T-Shirt will be dispatched by bike (or post depending on location).

Donations can be made through our Donate page.

Membership Form
Check this box if you'd like to be a bona-fide member of Bike Calgary. Membership is free, and by becoming a member you express your support for the work of Bike Calgary to make Calgary more bike-friendly. All your personal information is kept private and will not be shared.
We would like to know where Calgary's cyclists live. We may use this information to compile anonymized membership demographics.
How long have you been using a bike as a mode of transportation (errands, short trips, or even commuting)?
What's your main ride? Type and model of bike. What's the bike you ride second-most often (assuming you have more than one).
We generally approve membership only for Calgary cyclists. If you aren't a cyclist (yet) or do not reside in Calgary and environs, let us know why you'd like a membership.