Bike Calgary 2021 Wish List

With a new year approaching we have much to hope for, drawing on what we have seen, mostly in 2020, this is a time for change and progression, which needs to focus on moulding our futures for the better.

Bike Calgary would like to therefore take a moment to reflect on where we are going and what a 2021 wish list could look like for us;

  1. A funded 5A Network (Always Available for All Ages and Abilities.), This could be delivered through phases and projects, which we hope would primarily look to connect the orphaned pathways, isolated communities and our education facilities.
  2. We wish for the successful completion of the pilot scheme of our Ride to School program at E.P Scarlett High School. We look forward to acquiring the funding required to take the program to more High Schools in Calgary.
  3. We hope to have Infrastructure rides with the current Councilors and those seeking election in 2021. 
  4. Work with the City of Calgary to make intersections and infrastructure upgrade solutions for future projects safer for Calgarians. 
  5. We hope to see the scooters stay all year round. It’s also the only way a cyclist will know they are probably doing 20km/h or more!
  6. Continue to show the City of Calgary and our elected officials that the increase in cyclists from the 469% in 2020 needs to be taken as a message of progressive growth, not just a fashionable blip. This is a way to attract business and grow the city in a sustainable way. 
  7. A big success in 2020 was our Ride to Remembrance with our Veteran, Tegh Singh. We hope to grow on this success in coming years by continuing that ride event, but as a group ride. Led by veterans from our communities, we can help  raise funds and awareness to charities such as the VTN and Field of Crosses provides awareness to the great work done to help our veterans.
  8. We hope to continue to advocate for diverse equitable active mobility and transportation options, like bicycles, to move people around our city and all its communities. 
  9. See an uptick in cargo bikes and eBike use.
  10. We hope that all Calgarians will continue to be courteous, friendly and mindful of others when sharing the pathways with scooters, walkers, runners and adaptive modes of transport.
  11. See plans for a connected pathway system that considers volume and type of use. Put speed segregation pathways in place where congested commuter or recreational routes require it please YYC!
  12. Social events please…….. we miss them…… and a chance to meet up with groups, members, volunteers and Calgarians!

Bike Calgary is presently in the process of strategic planning for the next several years. It is with this new future that we seek to evolve and continue to meet our mission of making cycling better in Calgary. 

We invite each of you to also comment on your wishes for the coming year and what’s on your wish list for Cycling in 2021?

What role do you see Bike Calgary taking in making those wishes come true?

7 thoughts on “Bike Calgary 2021 Wish List

    • Pete Spearing

      Thank you for replying! Agree… was tongue in cheek about the speed! They assume that cyclists know what speed they are doing, when 90% of them have no way of knowing. Cars have calibrated speedometers, in clear vision, bikes don’t! Not sure if the scooters will be here in the Winter but if they are, this might actually result in better snow clearing and improvements in our infrastructure! Getting them out to communities is something they need to look at as its downtown centric too! Happy trails!

      • R

        I was doored a few years ago but the driver was not charged with any infraction under the motor vehicle act? Why not? My progress was impeded, I ended up unconscious and in hospital, with a deep puncture wound in my chest, broken ribs, separated shoulder and a concussion whose aftereffects lingered for at least 18 months. Would drivers open their doors more carefully if they knew they could get demerits and fines for injuring other road users?

        • Yikes. That is brutal. Both your injuries and the lack of fines. I would consider using the civil court to get some redress. If a driver was financially “charged” then action might follow. There must be consequences.

  • David White

    I’d like to see a 5A network that is within 1 km of every house on Calgary. I know that I rode my bike more because I can get from my house to a MUP safely and quickly. I think if we had a network that could get people from their home to the pathway system to their destination with 2 km or less of worrying about cars we’d have more people riding.

  • S. Scott

    Perhaps there is room for taking a role on how to reduce the number of stolen and vandalized bikes in Calgary?
    Thank you for the 2021 Wish List and the opportunity to contribute.

  • 2wheeler

    Regarding the increased cycling traffic in 2020; the repurposed bike lanes along Elbow drive, 12 St SE and many others were a great success. As I’m in the area alot the 12th St SE bike lane is the only one that I am aware of remaining. It’s an excellent link to Ramsay from Inglewood.

    I would love to see a permanent summer program for additional bike lanes. They were the most used infrastructure of the summer! People just love to get out on their bikes if they feel they can do it safely. Unfortunately many people don’t feel safe mixing with cars. Many of the temporary bike lanes could easily be made into year round infrastructure without much financial cost or impedance to car traffic. While improvements could be made I think Bike Calgary should lobby for their semi-permanent return.

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