Bike Calgary Awards & Celebration Wrap-Up

On September 20th, Bike Calgary hosted their annual awards & celebration to recognize our great community leaders as well as Bike Calgary’s accomplishments to date. We’d like to give a special shout-out to this year’s award winners:

Commuter of the year: Lindsay Bliek
  • Gets the entire family on bikes for daily travel
  • Shares her experiences, advice, and opinions through her blog and social media presence
  • Connects with other cyclists to encourage and support
School of the Year: Twelve Mile Coulee School (Tuscany)
  • Encourages all types of active transport, with high rates of cycling, scooter use, and walking
  • Provides safe and secure parking for bikes & scooters
Business of the Year: Bike Bike Inc.
  • Provides valuable advice and support for people buying bikes, including many first-time buyers
  • Promotes cycling through community engagement, social media presence, and sponsoring events
  • Engages with other businesses and community groups to advocate for better cycling options
Advocate of the Year (It’s a tie!): Jeff Gruttz & Peter Oliver

Jeff Gruttz:

  • Started plowing snow off the pathways and made the City realize this needed to be a City program
  • Integral in building up ridership to the Calgary Folk Fest, including the Bike Lock Up
  • Helped start Bike Calgary and served as an early Director

Peter Oliver:

  • Driving force behind Calgarians for Cycle Tracks
  • Consistent and vocal support for cycling and safer streets in Calgary, in particular the Beltline area
  • Received much recognition and publicity which has brought greater visibility to the efforts for safer cycling in Calgary

The evening also included a silent auction and presentations from the City of Calgary and Lime Bikes.

Bike Calgary 2019 Success Stories

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