Bike Calgary changing to “Scooter Calgary”

Effective today, Bike Calgary is adapting to changing preferences in active transportation, and rebranding itself as “Scooter Calgary”.

“We have always supported active transportation in every form, and with the data from last year around the overwhelming enthusiasm for scooters, we have recognized we need to change with the times,” explains Scooter Calgary president Gary Millard. “Thankfully, all the great work we have done on the multi-use pathways and network of downtown scooter tracks is still relevant to this growing mode of transportation.”

Scooter Calgary will continue to advocate with the City of Calgary for safe and effective infrastructure for all active transportation users. And yes, we still support cyclists, even as they become the marginal users of our wonderful network of scootering infrastructure.

Please consider volunteering for Scooter Calgary or donating. As we look through our finances on April 1st, we realized we need to do something to get the attention of this city’s residents! Happy April Fool’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Bike Calgary changing to “Scooter Calgary”

  • 2wheeler

    The bike v. Scooter battle. Easy solution that most people follow already. Blood alcohol less than 0.08 ride a bike; over 0.08 jump on a scooter. Ride with your friends too, the more the merrier. Remember you can ride a scooter anywhere, sidewalk, pathway, cycle lane, at the mall! the world is your domain!

  • Gary Millard

    Great ideas, @2wheeler ! Clearly you are comfortable even on two tiny wheels. You may be sad to hear that we are not actually changing to Scooter Calgary, it was just an April Fool’s joke 😉

    Thanks for playing along with us, and enjoy all your forms of active transportation.

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