Bike Calgary Media Release regarding recent cycling fatality

5 thoughts on “Bike Calgary Media Release regarding recent cycling fatality

  • 2wheeler

    Thanks for sending the letter. I did hear on CBC radio speculation that the cyclist ran a red light. Then this week I read that the driver made a left hand turn in front of the victim.

    Would it not be helpful to point specifically to what was said by the CPS and local media that was correct or incorrect? If the CBC reported the incident incorrectly they should air a retraction and apology on air as soon as possible.

  • Gary Millard

    The Calgary Police Service stated that the investigation was still underway. Anything else at this point is speculation, and our suggestion is that such speculation should be avoided – by the police, the media, and commenters.

    We would also like to focus the discussion on safety improvements, not assigning blame.

  • Kevin Dalton

    It saddens me that another cyclist has been killed in a collision. It angers me that the media will report preliminary results of an investigation, without identifying them as such. It angers me further that the police often are the source of the misleading information.

    My deepest condolences to the widow and family.

  • Gary Millard

    Kevin – To be fair, the media reports I saw did say the investigation was underway, and the speculations were offered as preliminary, but the damage was done in regards to the conclusions in the readers’ minds. I doubt the results of the investigation will be reported on, and if they are, they won’t get the same attention as the initial article.

    Regardless of the actions of the parties involved, this has been recognized as a dangerous intersection, and that is really what needs the attention now.

    Thank you for your comments and condolences. We appreciate the cycling community supporting its members at times like this.

  • Laurie

    Very sad to hear about Cory or any cyclist fatality. However, there is a shared responsibility between all road users. This includes cyclists and motorists alike. The article talks about increased awareness, enforcement, and reporting of incidents. I’d like the same for cyclists. Too often, I see cyclists not riding single file, hopping on the sidewalk when lights are red, passing vehicles that are stopped to turn right or at a red light, and not obeying the laws/rules of the road.

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