Bike Calgary’s July Newsletter is here!

Ok, so the Garmin server has been down for over a day………what are we going to do with all our time now? Well don’t worry, Bike Calgary has got your back!

Relax, kick back and have a read of our July newsletter.

2 thoughts on “Bike Calgary’s July Newsletter is here!

  • Cecil Jenkinson

    Requesting bicycle bylaws to be posted on sidewalks along 69th Street SW from 17 Ave SW to
    Bow trail
    Many bikers do not follow the bylaws or just don’t know
    Many times we have experienced while out for a walk , bikers riding on the sidewalk approaching from behind usually travelling fairly Fast not giving any warnings that they are there. I usually yell at them to let us know. They act like they have the right to ride on the sidewalk in spite of pedestrians
    We are Seniors and are concerned that we may get injured in this way. Last weekend there was several groups riding on the sidewalk.
    I think they do not know it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk
    As the weather has been very warm the bike activity has been increasing so posting needs to be immediately before someone does have an accident

    • Pete Spearing

      Thanks for your comments. We will loom at the infrastructure there as I believe the bike lanes are not continuous and on one side of the road, with no safe crossing points, pushing cyclists whom are not confident or do not consider this road safe to ride on, onto sidewalks. So your observations are valuable for us to perhaps lobby the Council for improvement, which are likely the route cause. I will pass this information on to our Infrastructure group and ask for a group ride there to review this.
      Posting the bylaws would probably not resolve this as cyclists would not be able to see them. Cyclists should have a bell and warn you, and also be considerate and respectful to shared pathways, more so if you are on an actual sidewalk due to the above. (Please note that persons under the age of 14 may cycle on sidewalks, as stated in the bylaw).

      Again, we appreciate your useful feedback and will pass this on to see if there is anything we can advocate for.



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