Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Our directors for 2019-2020 are:

Gary Millard
Gary has been a cycle commuter for over two decades, and a recreational cyclist since he could stay up on two wheels. As an environmental scientist and professional geologist working in the oil and gas sector, Gary is aware of the environmental impacts of transportation choices, and as a cycle commuter, he has realized the benefits to health and community associated with effective cycling infrastructure. He joined Bike Calgary as a Director in 2015 to help promote cycling and cycling infrastructure in Calgary, in order to deliver environmental, social, and health benefits. When Gary is not working on cycling or environmental matters, he can usually be found playing in the mountains – trail running, climbing, or skiing.

Garry Lohuis
Vice President
Garry is a graduate Petroleum Engineer with over 35 years of experience in the natural resources industry. He is currently a director of Petrox Resources Corp. a publicly traded junior oil and gas company and is a member of the audit and reserves committees. Garry most recently was the President of Athlone Energy Ltd. And Lift Resources Inc. both successful junior oil and gas companies. He has worked both in Canada and the Netherlands where he developed his passion for cycling. Garry’s primary responsibility for Bike Calgary is in corporate fund raising.

Dana Cornea
Dana Cornea is a year-round cycle commuter and long-time member of Bike Calgary advocating for four-season cycling infrastructure. Dana has also been riding bikes in the mountains for over a quarter-century. She is the founder of Spin Sisters Mountain Biking Club and has taught hundreds of women over the years how to enjoy mountain trails on two wheels. When not riding her bike, Dana raises two boys with her husband Les, makes her own wine from the rhubarb and sour cherries in her backyard. She works in stakeholder and Indigenous engagement for the regulation of Canada’s energy infrastructure.

Pavneet Singh
Pavneet is a PhD in Molecular Biology and works as a researcher at the University of Calgary, working with cardiovascular patients to improve their health outcomes. Thus, he realizes the role cycling can play in creating healthy communities. He has been using a bike for commuting ever since he was a kid. Pavneet rides his bike year round and loves doing longer road bike trips in summer. He also runs a local outdoor meetup group with over 2600 members organizing scrambling, hiking, biking and backpacking trips. When he is not working or biking, he can be found climbing mountains in the Rockies! Pavneet joined Bike Calgary Board of Directors in 2018 to promote cycling and advocate for better cycling infrastructure in Calgary.

Peter Spearing
Peter has been an avid road cyclist all his life and has supported a variety of charity rides and events around the Province. He regularly commutes between Calgary’s ‘Park and Bike’ location at Home Road, along the Bow River Pathway to Quarry Park in the City’s SE as part of his cycling routine. Peter has previously been an active member of Velo Quebec in Montreal as well as experiencing cycling in other countries before arriving in Calgary. He believes that cycling is not only a sporting activity but that cycling supports overall personal fitness and mental well-being across all age groups. Peter understands how cycling within the community, linked with a robust navigable network is an invaluable component to a growing City and a viable alternative to the daily commute whether it’s to Downtown or out to the City limits and beyond. Peter is a Director with Graham Construction’s Buildings Division and works across Canada and the adjacent US States.

Stephanie Melville
Though originally from Victoria, Stephanie’s passion for cycling blossomed with her move to Calgary in 2011. Truly embracing the prairie winters, Stephanie cycles year round as her primary mode of transportation. Happiest on one of her four bikes, she enjoys extended bikepacking tours and long highway rides. Professionally, Stephanie has merged her background in communications with her passion for community. She joined the Bike Calgary board in hopes of continuing to build the bike community in Calgary, advocate for better cycling infrastructure and inspire more riders to embrace two wheels all year long.

Vanessa Urschel
Vanessa experiences her greatest joie de vivre when on a bike. As a geographer and geospatial analyst, urban enthusiast, and mountain adventurer, her curiosity for observing and analyzing the relationships between people, and socio/environmental systems are best experienced from a bike or on foot. She believes that cycling offers tremendous opportunity in cultivating stronger communities and environment connections within our urban and natural landscapes on an individual and collective basis. One of the best gifts her parents ever gave her was the skill and joy of cycling. That experience of personal agency, freedom, physical and mental well being afforded her through cycling is what motivates her cycling advocacy roles with Bike Calgary and Cyclepalooza. To promote  greater opportunity, and access for Calgarians across all ages and backgrounds to engage cycling as a mode of transportation for utility and/or recreational purposes, and a chance to experience that same freedom.