Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Our directors for 2022-2023 are:

Molli Bennett (she/her)
Molli is a firm believer in the power of bicycles, simple machines that can change our lives and our urban spaces. Her experience as a bicycle-based educator and mechanic has helped to shape her perspective. She is also a lifetime Calgarian and year-round cycle commuter that is passionate about seeing her city thrive. As a youth development worker and community builder she is motivated to advocate for safe and accessible transportation for all. She is interested in understanding how intersectionality impacts how people are able to move through our city. Inspired by the vast positive impacts of active mobility choices she is always excited to share the joy of cycling with others.

Doug Clark (he/him)
Vice President
Doug is a long-time Calgarian and has enjoyed the freedoms and benefits of cycling from a young age. His bike took him everywhere through grade school, university, and even in his professional years after graduation. He recently retired from a career as a geoscientist in Calgary’s energy industry. Doug is married with two grown children. As a year-round bike commuter, he encouraged many of his downtown co-workers to commute by bike, helped to organize cycling clubs, and improve bike parking and changing facilities at the workplace.

Doug has been a volunteer with Bike Calgary, and currently serves as their Vice President. He has held volunteer and board positions with several other community groups in the past. Most recently Doug is a founding board member and active volunteer with the newly formed non-profit, Youth en Route – focused on helping high school students to use active transportation.

Over the past 40+ years, Doug has directly experienced the significant improvements to cycling infrastructure and culture in Calgary and is excited to help push us further. He believes we still have a long way to go.

Jon van Heyst (he/him)
Treasurer & Infrastructure Lead
Jon gets all his best ideas while balanced on two wheels. As a transplant from chinook-free Manitoba, he has embraced the milder but unpredictable Calgary winters as a year-round pathway and bikeway adventurer. His training as a Civil Engineer fuels his passion for the details and planning that make-or-break quality infrastructure for active transport. He also brings the perspective of an urban planning nerd who cares about creating safe and equitable communities. When not on a bike, reading about bikes, or daydreaming about bikes, you might find Jon pursuing some other interests like cooking, racquet sports, or getting disappointed by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Jacquiline Uy (she/they)
Jacquiline is a new cyclist who has discovered the joys of cycling due to the pandemic. As a health and safety professional, Jacquiline is a conservative cyclist who prefers cycling in a safer or more controlled environment. As she has lived in Toronto and has never owned a car or driven until she moved to Calgary, she values public transportation and active transportation as it makes a city more accessible for all. She believes in the importance of making walking, cycling, and wheeling safe and accessible for all as this promotes health and wellness, helps build community (e.g. events, accessibility, etc.), is great for the environment, and showcases the natural beauty of Calgary. In her spare time, she enjoys discovering Calgary via various forms of transport, supporting local businesses – especially places with great food and drinks, and volunteering at Bike Root. She is looking forward to learning more and working/volunteering collaboratively with others to help promote active transportation in Calgary.

Carol Chu (she/they)
Carol is passionate about sustainable transportation and enjoys the exercise, time outdoors and community building that is a part of active transportation. She started bike commuting after the cycle tracks were built and would like everybody in Calgary to have safe active transportation options year-round. In addition to biking Carol also enjoys rollerblading, skating, climbing and hiking. Carol has a background in communications and works in communications and events for a non profit foundation. She has also coached skating for half of her life.

Jorge Bermudez
My name is Jorge Bermudez, I have been calling Calgary my home since year 2000 when I started my master’s degree at the UofC, there my bike was my best friend for almost two years going around campus. Since, I enjoy biking as a hobby. With my wife and son, we enjoy discovering new biking paths around Calgary. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I started to appreciate again biking as I was able to bike back and forth from my neighborhood Tuscany to my workplace at the downtown. I am an Industrial engineer, and I work in IT for an Oil & Gas company. I develop and implement projects for improvements in business operations. I like sports and biking always have been one of my favorites. At the company I have been the captain for the last 3 years of the “Big Bike” event with the Heart and Stroke foundation, where besides enjoying a nice biking, we were able to collect some money ($) for the foundation. Also, I enjoy running I have completed 20 marathons but my most memorable one was in 2017 when with other 112 Calgarians, we beat the World Guinness Record for the most linked marathon, it was outstanding team work where as well we were able to collect more than $150K for the Mito foundation.

Being a member of the Bike society, besides of being a privilege, I see this as a great opportunity to contribute to the good work that the Calgary Bike is leading. The Vision of the Bike society “Calgary is a bike friendly city where citizens have options and feel safe to ride bikes for commuting and leisure”, it is an inspiration for me to pursue the right things like safety, inclusion and opportunity for all to enjoy biking.

Brad Randall (he/him)
Brad has been working in the cycling industry for over 15 years. He believes that bicycles can take you places beyond your imagination, create healthier communities, bring smiles to faces, and help mitigate the effects of climate change. Brad is a year-round commuter who is comfortable on the city pathways, single track trails in the mountains, and the shoulders of highways when touring.

Positive change comes when people are brought together who share a commonality. In this case their love of bicycles. While new to Bike Calgary and to the city, Brad hopes he can bring his passion for cycling and his experience in the industry to help create a better cycling experience for everyone.

Leithan Slade

Leithan has called Calgary home since summer 2019 and credits the move for reigniting his passion for pedaling.

A bike commuter, he also enjoys logging long days on mountain highways and riding trails or downhill tracks on his mountain bike. Leithan is also an avid long-distance runner.

Leithan brings to Bike Calgary a desire to improve cycling safety, infrastructure, awareness, and inclusion. With 15+ years of professional communications experience, he’s excited to help Bike Calgary reach residents and stakeholders across the city through proactive engagement, working with the media, social media, events, and partnerships.

Having previously volunteered in several capacities, including sports and tourism, Leithan is committed to connecting cyclists across Calgary to make our city a safer and better place to ride for everyone.

Volker Mendritzki

I’ve been a long-time recreational cyclist. Since retiring in May 2020, my involvement with two local cycling clubs increased my cycling activity and made me even more aware of the benefits cycling can offer.

I joined the Bike Calgary Board as I believe my sales, marketing and management experience can be valuable in increasing the profile and impact of Bike Calgary.  My direct experience in brand development, partnership negotiations and finding new sources of revenue offer new growth opportunities for the organization.

I’ve been active in my community, experienced volunteering at events (e.g. Grey Cup, Brier), held various board positions including a six year tenure on the Lougheed House board.  My role at Lougheed House included sitting on the Executive Committee and committee work including finance and fund development.

The three priorities I think are important for Calgarians include improving cycling safety, improved infrastructure for bike security, and creating infrastructure to accommodate a wider range of mobility options.