Calgary Votes 2021 – Candidate Questionnaire

Bike Calgary, in partnership with Youth En Route, has distributed a survey regarding active transportation to all Mayoral and Ward candidates for the 2021 election. For information about the election and where to vote please visit:

Seven goals are stated in the City of Calgary’s Transportation Plan including environmental sustainability, safety, affordability, and universal access. Wheeling (Cycling, etc.), walking, and public transit are specified in Goal #4 with the aim to enable those modes as accessible and preferred mobility choices for a greater reach of Calgarians. In early 2020, City Council formally adopted the 5A (Always Available for All Ages & Abilities) Network Guiding Principles in order to support the development infrastructure according to the goals of the Transportation Plan. 

Additionally, in September 2021, City Council unanimously passed an important motion (PFC2021-1365) which seeks to prioritize schools as a key catalyst for building out an effective 5A Network. This motion also attempts to build a stronger link between the 5A Network planning and the City’s Active and Safe Routes to School program. 

With this information we asked candidates to answer each of the following questions in 100 words or less. 

  1. Do you commit to ensuring the 5A network receives the necessary personnel and budgetary support to achieve the objectives set out in the plan? 
  2. What actions will you take to ensure that the 5A Network is built out in a timely fashion and that schools are effectively accommodated as a priority? 
  3. Transportation is something that affects all Calgarians and the system works best when the network is city wide. How will you ensure equal access to transportation options (walking, wheeling, transit, etc.) for ALL areas of the city? 
  4. If elected, will you accept an invitation to go for an infrastructure or community bike ride or walk with us? (Yes or No) 

The responses from each candidate can be found in this Google Doc (opens in a new tab).

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