Calgary’s Environment Strategy and Action Plan Survey

The City of Calgary is consolidating their environmental strategies to provide an updated vision for protecting and improving Calgary’s environment into the future.

To help build our guiding environmental plan, they want to learn about your desires for the environment and how Calgary’s plan can bring social, health and economic benefits to the city and our community.

Their goal is to provide a unified strategy that will highlight and focus on Calgary’s key environmental issues, opportunities and priorities. This plan will help clearly define The City’s environmental direction and the path forward to tackle the most critical environmental challenges and improve Calgary’s our environmental outcomes.

The project has outlined focus areas that will help define and guide Calgary’s Environment Strategy and Action Plan:

  • Climate Adaptation – Prepare for and adapt to climate change impacts
  • Efficient Energy Use and Buildings – Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Clean Air – Manage and protect air quality
  • Sustainable Transportation – Make walking, cycling and public transit preferred choices
  • Sustainable Neighbourhoods – Plan for a compact city and complete, healthy communities
  • Healthy Ecosystems – Protect, restore and enhance natural areas, parks and trees and provide access to nature
  • Water Stewardship – Support integrated watershed management: protect and improve the watersheds, improve water quality, reduce water consumption and flood risk
  • Zero Waste and Responsible Consumption – Reduce consumption and waste generation
Graphic recordings from the 2019 Mayor’s Environment Expo to help you think about the questions being asked.

Calgary has a long history of environmental conservation through both community-led and corporate-led work and volunteerism. The Environment Strategy can build on these efforts by identifying where there is a need to focus action into the future. The Action Plan will outline progress to date and the approach to achieving The City’s established targets on improving Calgary’s environment over the next ten years.

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