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Calgary’s Green Line is looking to get back on track! With the new Stage 1 alignment being released in late January, the City of Calgary is looking for input on some changes to the LRT alignment through, the Beltline, Downtown, and up Centre Street to 16 Avenue North.

The online feedback page gives you an opportunity to input challenges and opportunities for the various sections of the Centre City alignment. Here are some possible topics to consider that could impact cycling connections in the area:

Centre Street North: East-West Crossings for cycling and walking across Centre Street

Bow River Crossing: Opportunity for a multi-use pathway as part of the bridge over Memorial Drive, the Bow River, and Prince’s Island Park.

Downtown: Impacts to the Riverwalk pathways during and after construction. Opportunity for on-street bikeways above the tunnel on 2 St. SW.

Beltline: Cycling connections from the 12 Ave Cycle track to the Green Line stations and future Events Centre.

North BRT: Bicycle racks on BRT buses, secure bicycle parking at major BRT stations.

We hope you’ll share your thoughts and ideas for this infrastructure mega-project, which stands to change the way we move around Calgary in the coming decade.

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