City sidewalk and pathway budget to be cut by 56%!

We all realize that the current economic situation is difficult, but these are also times for progressive change.

Calgary’s very own Council approved transportation plan states that pedestrians and those on two wheels should be prioritized in all future transport / infrastructure spending, yet the 56% cut to sidewalks and pathways for 2021 is the 4th deepest cut across the 36 categories.

So how does this compare?

Under the budget allocations for “A City That Moves”, the following is proposed:

  1. Parking, No Reduction (2021 Budget $13.9m)
  2. Public Transit, a reduction of -13% (2021 Budget $368m)
  3. Sidewalks and Pathways a reduction of – 56% (2021 Budget $25m)
  4. Specialist Transit, No Reduction (2021 Budget $90k)
  5. Streets, a reduction of only 15% (2021 Budget $194m)
  6. Taxi, Limousine & Vehicles-for-hire, No Reduction (2021 budget ($330k)

Lets remind ourselves of a few facts:

The Calgary Transportation Plan states (CTP Section Part 3)

This is represented in a graphic within the document as:

The city budget document states that is wants to achieve:

But then it contradicts itself not only in the budget cut but also in the verbiage

So how do we adjust this to something equitable?

Firstly we suggest adding an item within the budget for the 5A Network. This can be funded to enable a Phase 1 implementation in 2021 by increasing the budget reductions in Streets and Parking and allocating funds to 5A Network as well as reducing the Sidewalks & Pathways. An initial Phase 1 fund of $20m to the 5A Network would have significant benefits to Calgary.

Ask your Councillor about this information and to support a funded 5A Network.


Because not only is this the City’s own priority, but the statistics show us that active modes of transportation is increasing at a significant rate!

A Phase 1 delivered in 2021/22 can provide:

  • Provide children with mobility options for their commute to school.
  • Readiness connections for the Greenline LRT/BRT.
  • Jobs for Calgarians in the construction works implemented through this, as early as next year.
  • Put the plans in motion, even in these difficult times, can enable us to access matching federal funding.
  • Connect communities where the plans for this are upstream in the budget.
  • Provide Universal access to our infrastructure in bridging the gaps.
  • Communities would have affordable options for mobility.
  • Safe accessibility to our parks and spaces.
  • Show investors in Calgary that progressive transition in carbon-neutral modes of transport are being deployed, attracting new businesses.
  • Start to impact our goal of reducing our carbon footprint. 
  • Connectivity to existing public transport.
  • Make downtown accessible both to and from the suburbs.
  • Enable Calgarians to navigate our outdoor spaces.
The City’s own statistics support more funding

Want to see all the information from the City budget meeting? Then click here.

One thought on “City sidewalk and pathway budget to be cut by 56%!

  • Vince White

    Not hard to see & understand. The city makes huge money on parking. When Calgary’s economy virtually collapsed in 2015-2016, there were many articles how Calgary shores up parking fees loss w/ parking fines. It make huge$ and transit is one of 3 largest unions in the city of Calgary. If I can’t walk or bike to location, I will drive rather then bus.

    Most cyclist I know, feel the same. Also, the huge dedicated cost of our transit, is a sink hole. The hard core street cyclists I know will take their expensive bikes on their trending yuppy cars to go for group rides. Not commuter type rides. Not bussing there.

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