CMHA’s Energize Don’t Hide 2021

Energize Don’t Hide is a way to take care of your physical and mental health, while raising vital funds for CMHA Calgary programs and services. Bike Calgary is proud to again be the Bike Partner for the Energise Don’t Hide Calgary event.

Each year 1.6 million Canadians report unmet mental health care needs, and the demand for services has escalated due to the pandemic. Everyone has mental health and each of us has a bar which is impacted by our day-to-day activities, work and family pressures, financial pressures and of course more so the pandemic’s impacts. Mental health is not a label or stigma and should be treated the same as your physical wellbeing. People who reach out for help take a brave bold step in doing so, and CMHA need your support to be there for them when they do.

From now until June 30, 2021 complete 3,300 minutes, 55 hours or around 1 hour a day of activity! You can cycle, run, stretch, dance, walk, meditate or anything you want. Be active on your own or build a team!

Did you know it costs approximately $330 for every Canadian to have access to mental health resources in Canada, when they need it?


Register for free and set your personal fundraising goal to $330

Register for free and set your team fundraising goal to $3,300

Sign up here at


What are you waiting for? Start energizing for your mental and physical health today! 
Visit the Start Energizing page for training plans and tracking tools to help you complete 3,300 minutes.


Every week from until June 30, you’ll have a chance to win some amazing prizes through the participants website! Check out the Prizes page to see how you can win.

Become a participant and tell Bike Calgary your story on why you ride and how it helps you physically and mentally, as a family or on your own. Share a picture, linking @bikecalgary, #EnergizeDontHide2021 and #HowIEnergize2021 on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, our Strava page or on our LinkedIn page and we will pick one story or picture at the end of each week from the 18th May to the end of June and give away a Bike Calgary T-Shirt to each weekly winner! (sizes may be subject to availability)


As a participant in the CMHA event, you’ll get tips, tools, tricks and activities to help you take care of your physical and mental health, while taking care of others. Don’t forget to tag #EnergizeDontHide2021 #HowIEnergize2021

As to why the writer rides, here’s my story from last years event:

Need ideas for a ride? Well plan this out through our website and if you can, make the most of the City’s allocated lanes where the #sharedstreets give riders more space and in particular young riders/family rides!


Pictures and elements of content from CMHA

Story provided with writers permission

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