Donors kick-start Bike to School Program

Boxes of bike gear arrived from HLC, with a nice note. Thanks!

“Textbooks are heavy.”

“I hate cold weather.”

How do I carry a tuba on a bike?”

This is just some of the feedback we’ve received from students at EP Scarlett High School. Bike Calgary is doing a pilot project at the school with the goal of getting more kids out of cars and onto bikes. We’ll do this by breaking down the barriers that the kids say are preventing active modes of transportation.

To do that, we’ve been fortunate to receive some great donations – that we’ll be working to get into the hands of kids that will use them.

HLC sent us a couple big boxes – including racks and panier bags. We know the kids will use these – and appreciate them. Scarlett, like many other high schools, is not providing students access to lockers. In part, because they are shared, but also because students opening lockers block hallways, this leads to congestion and shoulder-to-shoulder student-jams.

Bike Calgary Volunteer Jon passes along bells and gloves from Urban Systems.

We’ve also got a bunch of lights for riding in the morning and at night. Again, they’ll be welcome as we approach the shortest days of the year.

Finally, the good folks at Urban Systems sent along some warm gloves and bells. We’ll put the bells on our fleet of bikes for schools. We are so thankful for these donations, that will help us get these students on wheels.

Unfortunately, with high school classes on hold until the New Year, we’ll safely store our goodies and build a great plan to roll out our program in the new year. We’ll keep you posted on our progress. Stay tuned.

Now, I wonder if we could find a Cargo bike for that Tuba?

Paniers and racks from HLC.

Want to help?

We are looking for support for our bike to school project. We are still looking for a number of sturdy, bikes in good shape for our phys-ed class fleet. We can arrange pick up. Reach out to and we’ll go from there. If you wish to donate to this specific project, you can do that here:


Please ensure that you advise us that the donation is for the Bike to School Project.

Thanks to all of our donors for their support!

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