Dr. EP Scarlett HS Pilot Project

Bike racks in front of the school were put to work on June 4, when Lancer’s Bike to School!

Bike to School Day was a success!

We asked students to give riding a try! And they did – over 40 of them, plus another 10 teachers!

Students rode from as far away as Sunnyside and Silverado, and as close as Southwood. Many tried the route from Lake Bonavista, via Canyon Meadows LRT.
Our goal for next year is to expand beyond one day, and get students to think about biking as transportation, not just fun. Read the Blog Post here.

Learn more:

Teachers rode in a convoy from the west side of the city

Students arrive at school!

Teachers share riding tips. Learn more:


An average cyclist goes 20 km per hour. That means, a 5 km ride, can take about 15 minutes – depending on route, terrain and waiting for lights at intersections. It’s often shorter than the bus. We’ve provided some examples of routes from neighborhoods around Scarlett. Please remember that safety is YOUR responsibility. Know your route, and only ride when you feel confident. Learn more, or click the maps below for sample routes.

We are here to help. Please reach out if you’d like to know more about active transportation to school. Contact us