EP Scarlett Bike to School Pilot

Why Scarlett?

On the way to school

We’re starting with Dr. EP Scarlett, in the Southwest community of Canyon Meadows as our Pilot Project because parents and administration are supportive. They see the opportunity – an opportunity to reduce vehicle congestion, improve student health and well being, and build the school community by getting kids on bikes and out of cars.

A recent bike audit found less than 10 bikes in the old, decrepit bike rack, for a school of 1,500 students. There’s an opportunity because the express buses from Lake Bonavista and Evergreen are crowded and don’t give students any flexibility for extra-curricular activities or even homework help.

The pilot is starting now, with students being asked to fill in a survey. Watch here for results and project updates.

For information, contact project lead Laura Shutiak at laura@bikecalgary.org