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      Hi! I’m looking to buy some rear bike lights and I heard about this brand called Nightprovision. Does anybody know if they are any good? thanks in advance!


        Best to look them up on the mighty Google.

        First… white in front, red in back. It’s the law.

        Realistically you don’t need to complicate things… Bow, MEC, BikeBike, etc… all carry fully competent lighting. My advice however is that you want something that is BRIGHT (ie minimum 50lumen, preferably more), something that does different light modes (ie slow flash, fast, alternating, etc.), has a decent battery life, and actually have more than 1 light. Light batteries die, lights fall off, lights get dirty, lights get put in bad places and get covered or blocked, etc… so, as someone who rides all seasons and has done so for 10+ years… have fun with lights and remember they’re all that lets those around you know you’re ahead of that big fast moving truck.


          I still cannot believe there are people riding around in the dark (ie well before sun rise, or even a hint of light) without anything… no lights, no reflectors, nothing reflective, wearing all black. And they ain’t ninjas. I think…


            I would go to Amazon and search there and read consumers’ reviews for the best rear lights


              The progress is driven by advances in two key technologies: the switch to efficient LED lamps that produce dramatically more light per watt than older halogen or metal-halide bulbs, and lithium batteries that pack more power into smaller packages. The result is brighter lights with similar or longer run times in smaller, lighter systems.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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