How was your ride today? Month of MARCH 2019

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    Gary Millard

    The start of winter was so mild, and then we got hit with all of winter through the entirety of February. March didn’t have a very nice start, but hopefully it will become more like a normal late winter. At least the consistent cold means the pathways haven’t gotten icy! And, now -10 C feel balmy.



    Auuughhh! I hope real spring will come soon. It’s just so uneasy to ride the bike on such streets. Thanks God there are some effective and simple techniques that can help you keep riding in any extreme weather conditions Be careful and hope we’ll have an ooportunity to enjoy good weather soon.



    Ask and ye shall receive! The warm weather is coming!



    Icy in spots….

    Even with studded tires, I thought I might go down in one spot, and I had the rear wheel spinning freely on the ice for another moment.

    Hopefully the big melt is over by Monday morning. If not then, then looking at the 7 day forecast it should definitely be done by mid week.

    Bring on the sunshine!!!



    Marine Weather Forecast –

    There was a HUGE flooded section on the pathway in lower Bowmont Park because the new stormwater settling pond overflowed. Conditions after the temperature rises probably won’t improve, so I’m taking the high road through Varsity on the way home tonight, and probably for the rest of the week.



    Anyone been up Quarry trail by Shaganappi golf course recently? I see a bit of strava traffic kicking back up there again. Wondering whether it’s fit for a cyclocross bike even if I have to walk a few sections.



    I tried it last week, but it was too mushy for my liking; turned around and headed up to 24th street.

    With the paved path up to 12th Ave doing reasonable imitation of a set of class 1 water rapids this afternoon, it will be full ‘glacier mode’ in the morning if it freezes!



    My first commute this year, the paved pathway downhill by the golf course was pretty dicey this morning, even on foot. Hopefully another few days of this weather and we’ll have bare pavement and Quarry will be back in action.



    from this morning …

    icy path near Shag Golf course, N of 24th St SW

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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