Recommended E-Bike Shops in Calgary

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      Hey all. I am looking for a good bike shop that is willing to work on e-bikes. I had one place who was unwilling to adjust my brakes or replace the inner tube on my flat tire. He said that he could not get the parts, but I was able to order the inner tube on Amazon and supply him with the part. Then he said he could not find the disconnect for the electronics for the tire that needed to be removed, but I was able to with a friend, replace the bike tire, with the bike being on its handlebars. He was complaining about all the bikes that Costco, Walmart, Canadian Tire, London Drugs, and other retailers sell, and he refuses to work on any of those e-bikes. It made me feel like unless I purchased an expensive name brand bike, I was out of luck which I bought this bike just to get to and from work and avoid Calgary Transit.

      The next place was able to fix my brakes without charge, which I greatly appreciated, but then also brought up that they won’t be able to do anything further with it if I needed any other service.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.


        Hey Steve,

        It can be frustrating finding a shop that will
        Fix certain e-bikes. Ridleys Cycle in westhills
        Will fix anything bike related on your e-bike. Anything
        Electronic I would recommend Calgary bicycle repair
        Down in Sunalta.


          Thanks, that helps a lot! I checked Ridleys website, and was hoping they would have tires that were 20″ x 4″ and did not see any, but hopefully I can buy them online and have one of those places install them.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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