Stolen Supercycle Circuit Men's Road Bike

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    Hi Bikers,

    I just had my bike stolen on family housing at the University of Calgary. I found it disappeared around 9:10 AM on Tuesday, September 24th, and it seems like someone intruded into the porch and took it out of the porch.

    My bike is “Supercycle Circuit Men’s Road Bike, 700C.” The frame color is blue and the handle color looks orange. The detailed description is available at

    It has a u-lock attached to the frame and a small bag attached underneath the saddle.

    If anyone finds my bike, please reply to this posting. I really appreciate it.


    I found your bike, it was left on my driveway in Varsity. Please text me at 403-919-9817 and I will give you the address.


    Gary Millard

    Hey @pocopoco10, were you able to get your bike back? I hope this forum is able to help. It’s great when we hear good news about returned bikes.


    Yes, I found my bike on the day it was stolen. And YES, again. This forum played a key role in making my bike back to me 🙂 Hope other people would be able to find their bikes thanks to this forum.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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