Get Involved

Bike Calgary’s mission is to make Calgary a great place for all bikers – present and future – through advocacy, education and community. Your involvement is crucial to this mission’s success!

What can you do?

    • Become a Member – Directly support a more bike friendly Calgary by taking advantage of Bike Calgary’s free membership.
    • Donate – Directly support Bike Calgary with its operational costs or become a Friend of Bike Calgary and enjoy some great benefits.
    • VolunteerEmail to join our volunteer team. We appreciate how precious your time is and our volunteer requests reflect this appreciation.
    • Be Political – Use your voice to raise concerns or give support cycling on all levels by contacting your Ward rep, your MLA and your MP.
    • Be an advocate – Let your friends, colleagues or workplace know about the benefits of a bike friendly city and cycling in general.
    • Join a Cycling Club – A quick Google search will show you lots of options for cycling clubs in Calgary but a great place to start is the Cycling Meetups in Calgary page.
  • Be a Cyclist – Your very presence on Calgary’s roads, streets and pathways is encouragement to others.

The cycling community is made up of riders who take their bike out for a spin once or twice a year, are just learning, are seasonal or good-weather riders, are errand runners, are family riders, are commuters and are year-round riders. No matter your style of riding, your involvement in our riding community makes Calgary a more bike friendly and great city in which to live.