Head’s up Calgary Glenmore Trail Causeway users!

The City of Calgary has notified us that the Glenmore Trail SW Causeway will be closed on June 1st for 5 days due to essential works to the storm water. Unfortunately they are unable to provide a signed pathway detour but crossing Glenmore Trail and using the Elbow Dam route may be an option.

A link to the City website is here https://www.calgary.ca/UEP/Water/Pages/construction-projects/Construction-Upgrades-and-Repairs-overview.aspx?redirect=/waterprojects

and a copy of the notice is here:

If anyone knows if the cycle pathway on the Dam is closed, please comment back on this post for the benefit of others.

4 thoughts on “Head’s up Calgary Glenmore Trail Causeway users!

  • Shiv Ruparell


    The cycle pathway on top of the glenmore reservoir north dam is still closed. The city recently finished the dam work itself, and now needs to finish the deck, which will be an improvement from the pathway that was there before as there will be multiple lanes of separated cycle tracks and pedestrian pathways (space for this will come from the fact that the utility pipelines have been moved below the deck, so cyclists and pedestrians will now have a view on both sides of the dam).

    I rely on that connection between the reservoir and elbow river pathways on a daily basis, and was therefore frustrated by the slow progress on the deck. As a result I recently reached out to the city and was promptly connected to the site’s project manager, who was actually quite responsive. His response re: timeline for reopening the pathways on the deck is below (from May 19, 2020):

    “As you may have seen in the news (a story was run on CBC just this morning), the new steel gates are now operational – this is the main component of the project, and is especially important as we move into the spring run-off season. The remainder of the work is not far behind – we have some (weather dependent) tasks to complete related to the bridge deck that will drive the schedule and the ultimate re-opening of the pathway. While we don’t have a firm date, we are hoping to have the pathway open to the public by potentially early August…”

    Hope this helps!

    • Pete Spearing

      Thanks for this Shiv. I will try and reach out to the Ward representative and see if there is a firmer date as that would be a great addition back to the cycle pathways for sure.


    • Pete Spearing

      Hi Shiv. I have heard back from the City on the dam opening and they are saying early August. I have asked them to keep me posted on the precise date so we can let everyone know. Will keep you posted.

  • Ed

    As of June 1 the deck is not complete. I rode to the closed gate at the Water Works building and could see concrete trucks working on the South End of the dam. Looking forward to the pedestrian and bike deck opening ceremony in August.

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