Help Calgary Climate Hub, while they help Bike Calgary

Check out “Calgary Climate Hub” – a group that has formed to advocate that the City take action on climate change.  One of their positions it to support infrastructure for active transport, including cycling. They have some great suggestions for letting the City know that you want the current budget deliberations to consider climate change actions and cycling infrastructure.

Take a look at their website ( and consider getting engaged in their work – signing the petition and writing your Councillor. They have some excellent messaging around climate change action, both mitigation and adaptation, and they are supportive of other community-led efforts that will support and reinforce each other, such as Bike Calgary’s work around improving cycling infrastructure and active transportation options.

Here is a list of actions they have highlighted:

1. Sign the petition to ask Calgary City Council to invest in climate action now (on

2. Send an email to your Councillor and the Mayor. You can find an email template on

3. Attend the workshop Navigating City Hall: provide inputs on the 2019-2022 municipal budget on November 12 at 6pm (register here)

4. Send your feedback to City Hall by noon on November 21:

  • Send an email to
  • Drop-off your letter to the City Clerk’s Office on the Main Floor of Historic City Hall, 700 Macleod Trail S.E (include your name and a mailing address or email address).

5. Attend the City Public Hearings on November 26, at 9:30am and have 5 minutes to speak to City Council. It is a unique opportunity to ask your question and/or present your recommendation. You can either register in advance (call the City Clerk’s Office at 403-268-5861) or walk-in.

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