Help Save The 3rd Ave Mobility Lanes!

Did you know that the 3rd Avenue mobility lanes might be removed this fall? Bike Calgary is seeking a network of volunteers to help us bring awareness of how important this connection is within our downtown. Do you have a few hours to spare this summer? Join us in the fight to save the 3rd Ave SW Mobility lanes. 

Join our efforts! We will distribute a kit to each volunteer that includes : 

  • A Bike Calgary Tee shirt
  • Postcards to be filled out or taken away by riders on the route – these postcards will be sent to city council demanding that they keep this infrastructure in place. 
  • Large poster to be placed ahead of your chosen location
  • List of talking points and training 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to attend volunteer shift(s) along the route and have conversations with people accessing the mobility lanes, and should they fill out a postcard, return all completed cards to Bike Calgary. Shifts will fill quickly, so sign up today! 

  1. Join our engagement team August 19th-August 26th for 3 hours and score some sweet Bike Calgary swag!
  2. Sign the Project Calgary Petition
  3. Write / email your City Council to let them know how you use these lanes and how crucial they are!

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