Infrastructure Volunteer Opportunity

Are you interested in contributing to the future of bike infrastructure in Calgary? Bike Calgary is looking for a volunteer to take on a dedicated advocacy role regarding the new City of Calgary’s 2nd Street SW Complete Street project. The volunteer role will be an amazing way to constructively work with the City and with Bike Calgary to give feedback on the cycle tracks included within the project.

What is Your Time Commitment?

  • This role starts immediately.
  • ~10hrs/month for the next month or two
  • ~2-4hrs/month until the end of the project
  • Project completion is expected within 1-2 years.

What Would You Need to Do?

  • Gather published and requested data from the City of Calgary regarding the proposed project
  • Solicit feedback from Bike Calgary members regarding the proposed project, including gathering comments from Facebook, Twitter, web post comments, web forum comments, direct email feedback (typically as a result of a newsletter post), and direct feedback from ward leads and community representatives
  • Work with the Infrastructure Lead to develop a Bike Calgary position in regards to this project
  • Provide support to the Infrastructure Lead for communicating Bike Calgary’s position, such as writing a letter to the City, developing presentation materials for meetings or presentations with the City, and writing web content

How Would Bike Calgary Support You?

  • Orientation and support will be provided by the Infrastructure Lead
  • All materials generated will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors (you won’t be expected to make a final decision on key items – we’ll help with that)
  • This is a great opportunity to gain new skills and experience, and Bike Calgary is happy to write a volunteer reference letter so you can use these skills to help in your career development.

Contact Bike Calgary’s Infrastructure Lead to volunteer for this advocacy lead role or to learn more about the position.

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