Is it time to save the temporary bike lanes?

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought changes to most of our lives. Although many have been challenging, some have actually been beneficial. For cyclists, one of these positive changes is the many temporary bike lanes that the city has created to help enhance active transportation in Calgary.

Next month, City Council will be looking at what to do with these lanes. As you can imagine, there will be advocates for the removal of all lanes, for making all the lanes permanent and for many flavours in between. If you have lanes that you would like the City to make permanent, then make your thoughts known. If you feel strongly about keeping any of these lanes, send a 311 to the city, telling them which lanes you used and how you want them kept. City staff and council pay attention to 311 submissions so they are always a good way to make your thoughts and concerns known. Also, send an email to your councillor and to the mayor telling them what you think should be done. Please include the lanes that you feel are particularly important to better cycling for you and your family. The more they hear from citizens who want to retain the lanes, the more likely they will be to keep at least some.

You can find you councillor’s email address at, The mayor’s email address is

311 submissions to the City can be made by phone (by calling 3-1-1) or via the handy smart phone app.

3 thoughts on “Is it time to save the temporary bike lanes?

    • ezflyer

      There does not appear to be an official list, but these are the adaptive roadway lanes are available to the best of Bike Calgary’s knowledge. In the last day the City announce that some lanes will be moved from weekend openings only. Other changes may also be coming. Remember that the use of these lanes is at a user’s discretion.

      If you know of more lanes, or have any other news, please post a reply to this blog.

      – Riverfront Ave (1 St to 2nd St)
      – Memorial Drive (9 St to just east of Centre Street)
      – Centre Street Lower Deck
      – 8th St SW (10th Ave to 17th Ave)
      – 11th St SW (12th Ave to 17th Ave)
      – Elbow Dr SW (Elbow River bridge near Riverdale Ave to 5th St)
      – Crowchild Tr SW (Glenmore Park to 66th Ave SW)
      – Ogden Rd SE (42nd Ave SE bridge over Bow)
      – Crescent Rd NW (1st St NW to 7a St NW)
      – 12th Ave SE (Olympic Way SE to MacDonald Ave SE)
      – 12th St SE (9th Ave SE to approx. 21st Ave SE)

  • 2wheeler

    On of the upsides to this whole situation might be the realization that we don’t need to have so much infrastructure dedicated to cars. People do like to ride their bikes/walk/skate etc all over the city. Maybe this will lead to realization at City Hall that temporary and some permanent road closures won’t cause the downfall of Calgary!

    Lots of opportunity in the years to come to have summer lane/road closures, more permanent infrastructure for non-motorized people scale mobility, and less restrictions on community based events that work better when streets are shut. Maybe this will be the catalyst that lets people see the benefits of these transportation programs and the real lack of negative consequences.

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