Is your bike registered on Bike Index?

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) has partnered with Bike Index, a free, online bike registration service, to aide in returning stolen bikes recovered by the CPS back to their rightful owners.

At the moment around 12% of bikes get recovered and a key step to reuniting them with their owners is to identify them. By registering you will also add a deterrent to bike thieves in knowing that resale will be more difficult.

So what do you need to do?

  1. Find your bikes serial number, usually located on the underside of your bike. Flip it upside down and look under the bottom bracket which houses the crank for your pedals
  2. Go online and follow the directions to register your bike While you are on, register all of them, the kids bikes too.
  3. Make a contribution to Bike Index (this is optional as Bike Index is free, but please give a thought to it’s upkeep, especially if this helps you have a stolen bike returned!).
  4. Take a picture of your bike and upload it. This will help CPS verify the owner too. Note any unique features you’ve added.
  5. Don’t buy a used bike without checking through Bike Index that’s registered as stolen. If you see a stolen bike being advertised, contact CPS.
  6. Put a sticker on it, saying its registered! Bike Calgary will be setting up some stalls soon on busy routes to hand out the QR code stickers and help you register. Keep watching our website for news and locations.

Bike shops have also been issued with the QR-code stickers and asked to register all new bike sales to Bike Index.

And remember, keep your bike safe by locking it up securely!

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