Its budget time…….so how are we funding our mobility learning from 2020?

Its without doubt been a hard year and we all need to adjust and contribute to any budget reductions. But will the reductions be equitable in relation to mobility, and will they apply to our changing mobility modes that we’ve seen in 2020?

We know from the city’s own statistics that mobility pathway use is up over 469%. So will the budget reflect this? You would think so!

From what we know, about 21% is the average budget reduction requirement, (including essential services which cannot operate below their current allocation (e.g. 311).

News is…….it doesn’t! In fact the pathway budget is planned to be hit by over 50% in 2021 AND even lower in 2022!

Around the world we see cities adapting. Here is an article that not only shows you how, but also lists two cities in Canada that have made the Copenhgenize Index this year. Calgary I’m afraid is not one of them……..but it could be!

So what do we do?

Well Calgary has an agreed plan in the 5A Network to increase accessibility and therefore use. This is a game changer not only for pathway users but for viable mobility options. This plan will help us with changing our city and meeting our climate obligations, enable people to have an option not to take their cars on a journey and also for students and children to ride to school, reducing car journeys.

Our review of the 5A map and potential for a Phase 1 benefit in our communities

What do we need?

It’s simple really, funding! It would be quick to determine a Phase 1 community and connection “shovel ready” element to the 5A map (see, we’ve even helped mark one up!) and implement this. There is even the potential for Federal matching to make this even more successful and less burdening on our funding. We know already that other cities in Canada still allocate significant specific funds to developing mobility options, even now with the impacts of Covid-19, so this is not a new idea.

So what can you do?

Tell us where Phase 1 could benefit your local community (see here for more details about the 5A Network) at

Ask your Councilor about 5A, funding and how we are applying what we’ve learnt in 2020 about measured changes in our mobility. Also ask how the funding allocations, despite the difficulties, are helping us move towards the reduction in our carbon emissions! If you want to see the 5A Network implemented through phases, separated in the budget, then ask them!

Lets go forward Calgary, not backwards, and not in a fossil fuel vehicle!

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