Maps, Routes & Pathways

The City of Calgary’s Pathways and Bikeways Map

Calgary has an extensive network or multi-user pathways (MUPs), on-street bikeways and cycle tracks. MUPs are reserved for pedestrians and cyclists. Bikeways (including cycle tracks) can be indicated by signs, some have wide curb lanes and bike sharrows, and some have painted bike lanes. The network of pathways and bikeways can be found on the City’s free Pathways and Bikeways map.

The City of Calgary’s Pathways and Bikeways page offers the map in 3 ways:

  • Mobile Application  – This includes real-time info on pathway closures and detours, safety rules and regulations, a reporting feature to alert 311 of any pathway concerns and links to other helpful information such as bike parking.
  • Online Map – This will give you the most up-to-date routes. Navigating the various links will connection you to other tips and resources for using the City’s pathways, bikeways and cycle tracks. This also has a recommended route link.
  • Paper Copy – You can download the map here or pick up a print version at any of the City’s Aquatic and Fitness Centres or one of their two leisure centres.

Google Maps

Google Maps has a bicycling option that displays bike routes and pathways in green and will calculate directions for cyclists. It is also useful for crowdsourced cycling maps for specific areas or destinations. Google also shows the hill elevations along the route and seems to provide pretty accurate time estimates.

Pathway Closures

Check out the City’s Pathways closures page for up to date info before heading out. This info is included in the City’s Pathways and Bikeways mobile app.

Alternative Routes

Sometimes pathways and bikeways are not the best way to get to your destination. It can take trial and error to find the best route. You can take advantage of other cyclists’ experiences by