Marda Loop 34 Ave SW – Cycling Improvements

The City of Calgary is looking for feedback on three possible options for cycling and pedestrian improvements on 34 Ave SW, between Crowchild Trail and 14 St SW. This is being completed as part of the City’s Main Streets work in Marda Loop on 33 Ave and 34 Ave SW.

34 Ave SW – South Calgary / Altadore

34 Avenue SW is noted on the City’s 5A Network Map as a Recommended On-Street bikeway. The avenue connects many local businesses in the Marda Loop Business Improvement Area (BIA) including attractions such as the Garrison Woods Safeway and Village Ice Cream.

As part of the Main Streets work, both 33 and 34 Ave SW are scheduled to receive streetscape upgrades. No bicycling upgrades are planned for 33 Avenue, so 34 Avenue must provide safe and comfortable cycling options for the neighbourhoods of South Calgary and Altadore.

There are two ways you can get involved at this stage of the project:

  1. Share your thoughts and feedback on the proposed options at
  2. Register to attend the upcoming virtual open house on December 1 from 5:00-7:30pm. This is a chance to learn more about the project options and to ask further questions of the project team.

3 thoughts on “Marda Loop 34 Ave SW – Cycling Improvements

  • Looks to me like there is only one okay option, and a MUP or paint option. Though the connectivity to this is terrible, having a cycletrack would at least let my teens go for ice cream without having to get honked at or punishment-passed.

  • 2wheeler

    I’ve been riding this road forever. Heading East I can ride the speed of traffic, but the sight-lines with all the parked cars are not good, and I often have cars pull out in front of me. The quality of the pavement is terrible with lots of poorly repaired holes and a couple sink holes that when travelling quickly, can easily bounce your hands right off the bars. Simply repaving this route would be a huge improvement.

    I’m not sure any of the presented options are good ones. After experiencing the 2nd Steet separated bike lane where cars aren’t good at seeing cyclists hidden behind parked cars making turns. I think with the natural speeds on the downhill this would present a real issue on 34 Ave. Cars will make turns from oncoming lanes and not even look for oncoming cyclists.
    Also, cars pulling up to stop signs tend to pull right through the bike lane before coming to a stop. If you’re travelling quickly they’ll be a collision even if you’re not at fault.

    I think the best option would be to remove parking from one side of the street and put in a dedicated bike lane. Not sure that the City wants to fight that fight.

    The intersection at 14th street is really difficult to cross during rush hour. East of 14th 34 Ave is the perfect cycle commute: very light traffic and slow speeds.

  • Leah

    Don’t put bikelanes in marda loop. Not good for 34th avenue businesses. They are f*** angry cuz they heard bikelanes might be put in. Many calgarians upset about all the bikelanes. Many people shaking there heads and say what is wrong with this city. Many bikelanes but no bikes in a winter city. F*** crazy.

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