Mission-Cliff Bungalow Community Climate Conversation

Over the past year and a half, Bike Calgary volunteers have been participating in the Calgary Climate Hub’s “Community Climate Conversations”. Check out the next virtual event this Thursday, April 29 from 7-9pm.

Register Here: https://www.calgaryclimatehub.ca/cliff_bungalow_mission_community_climate_conversation

Image Credit: Calgary Climate Hub – https://www.calgaryclimatehub.ca/

These events bring together experts in various fields related to climate adaptation and mitigation, including urban planning, renewable energy, permaculture, and of course active/alternative transportation! Each speaker gives a brief presentation on their topic area, followed by breakout rooms where attendees can join in-depth conversations about topic areas that interest them. Bike Calgary has also found these events to be a valuable form of community engagement, as we get the chance to learn about community level issues, missing links, and ideas related to Active Transportation.

Are you interested in how to make an impact on addressing climate change in your community? The Calgary Climate Hub is looking for you to attend – especially if you live, work, or regularly visit the communities of Cliff Bungalow and Mission!

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