New Board Directors

Bike Calgary is pleased to announce the re-election of Molli Bennett (President) to the Board of Directors, and to welcome three new board members: Volker Mendritzki, Brad Randall, and Leithan Slade.

Molli’s continued leadership, and the addition of three new members to an expanded board, creates an incredible opportunity for Bike Calgary to build on its past work and grow in new directions. The 2022 Annual General Meeting saw members vote to increase the number of directors from seven to nine. This grew out of the need for Bike Calgary to have more consistent operational support.

You can read all about the new board members here. Here are a few highlights on our new and re-elected members:

Molli Bennett (she/her) is a lifelong Calgarian, year-round bike rider, and bicycle-focused educator and mechanic. Her work with youth inspires Molli to advocate for safer, more accessible transportation choices in Calgary for all generations.

Brad Randall (he/him) is new to Calgary, but with over 15 years of experience in the cycling industry, he is excited to apply what he has learned to his new home city. Brad believes in cycling both as a happiness booster and as a climate change solution – the best win-win possible.

Leithan Slade (he/him) moved to Calgary in 2019, and says relocating here re-ignited his “passion for pedaling.” With significant experience in communications, sports, and tourism, Leithan’s skills are well-positioned to increase Bike Calgary’s profile in the city.

Volker Mendritzki is a long-time Calgarian and recreational cyclist. Since retiring in 2020, he has joined two cycling clubs, leading to deeper appreciation of cycling’s health and social benefits. Volker’s expertise in sales, marketing, and management – as well as non-profit fund development – are key for Bike Calgary’s growth and success.

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