North Hill Area – Bikeway Traffic Calming Survey

As part of their Neighbourhood Streets Project, the City of Calgary has implemented some temporary traffic calming measures in the communities of Crescent Heights, Mount Pleasant, and Tuxedo Park. These changes divert traffic with the intention of lowering cut-through traffic volumes on 2 Street NW and 1 Street NE.

Diagonal Diverter for motor vehicles at 2 St NW and 22 St NW

2 Street NW and 1 Street NE are well-used neighbourhood bikeways in these communities and Bike Calgary is reviewing community feedback and looking to learn more about this pilot, which has the potential to increase user safety and comfort.

Have you had a chance to walk, cycle, or drive through this area since lately? The City is looking for feedback on the Engage website:

Closure of Balmoral Circus (2 Street NW and 19 Ave NW) to vehicle through traffic

One thought on “North Hill Area – Bikeway Traffic Calming Survey

  • Christian Bilou

    I am beyond delighted with these changes. I used to live within 80m of Balmoral circus, and would have loved to have this when I was there. As a cyclist and frequent pedestrian in these areas, these changes have made the routes far more comfortable, safe-feeling, and enjoyable, and as a driver, they have had little to no impact on me. I love the effect on motor vehicle traffic, reducing it and slowing it through those areas. I would welcome something similar along 12 st NW, connecting Confederation Park to SAIT.

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