Pathway wayfinding? Where’s it going?

With the network now exceeding the 1000kms landmark, there is a noticable lack of wayfinding for those whom are not regular users or seeking to navigate some of the complicated cross City routes from pathway to pathway.

The City’s website carries mapping of the current pathways, including where regular snow clearing is carried out. But is this enough and would additional signage benefit the casual user trying to navigate to a specific place using the quickest and most direct routes? Smart devices can provide safe navigational routes, but are not always up to date nor might the consider the practicalities of the route condition. Maps are also quickly out of date and not very practical.

There is no doubt that some routes are in need of some directional signage and this article on the CBC website concurs.

With the shared Pathways significantly increasing in usage, not only bikes but scooters, skaters and even one wheel skateboards, the practicalities of navigation become important for safety alone. A group stopping to check their phone for directions create hazards and there are, unfortunately, still gaps in the connection of the pathway system.

Detouring due to construction works has significantly improved (with the help of our advocacy!) and as Calgarians explore our City more, navigational signage will no doubt help in the journey to modernize our pathway infrastructure, and perhaps also help highlight to the City where improvements to places of interest and high volume use should be improved.

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