Report Infrastructure Repairs

Help Improve our Pathways and Bikeways

You can directly improve our City’s pathways and bikeways by thinking like a citizen cyclist while you are out on your bike. As you ride, you may encounter areas of concern such as blockages, damage, or missed connections between routes. You could also look at the route you ride through the eyes of a different rider such as a youth rider, new rider, errand runner or student riding to school – think of ways your daily route could work for all riders. By receiving tips and suggestions from our large and diverse cycling community, we can work together to build an even better cycling infrastructure.

To better understand how cycling infrastructure can be improved, it can help to know that on-street infrastructure such as bike lanes and cycle tracks are managed through the City’s Transportation department, while multi-use pathways are managed through the City’s Parks department. Often the a big issue we experience is a poor connection from a pathway to an on-street lane or track, or vice versa. Additionally, there are often opportunities to connect nearby segments of cycling infrastructure to build a true network of cycling infrastructure. We often refer to these as “missed connections.”

Ways to Report Various Issues

Contact the City of Calgary

    • Contact 311 on issues the City can fix such as potholes, large pavement cracks, missing curb ramps, missing signage, flooding or bike rack requests. As well as being able to phone 311,  you can connect with them online or by using a mobile app.

Contact the Parking Authority

  • If someone is parked in a bike lane or cycle track, you can call Calgary Parking Authority at (403) 537‑7000. They will typically dispatch someone right away to issue and ticket and have the vehicle towed if necessary. Be prepared to report the street address of the infraction (nearest house or building address).

Contact Calgary Police Service

  • Recurring traffic safety issues such as motorists consistently speeding or driving in a bike lane can be reported through the Calgary Police Service’s Traffic Service Request form.
  • For emergencies (e.g. serious injury accidents) and immediately dangerous incidents (e.g. impaired driver, road rage), call 911.

Contact Bike Calgary

  • Bike Calgary tracks and ranks your missed connection reports, as well as your suggestions, and then coordinates with community associations, city councillors and with administration officials in the The City of Calgary on these issues and other active transportation initiatives.

This map shows the many spot improvements and addressed missed connections that have been made because of the collaborative process between Calgary’s riders, Bike Calgary’s cycling committee and City officials.

Thanks in advance for being one of Calgary’s citizen cyclists and helping to make Calgary the most bike friendly city we can make it for all riders.