Resources for Students

Please know that these are suggestions. We want to encourage you to try riding to school. but you should only do it if you feel safe, know your route and have the support of your parents.


Our maps give you an idea of routes from your community. Please, make sure you give your route a try on a weekend or after school – before your first trip. Make sure your parents know your route, and you have a plan should you encounter issues on your ride. (An adult or friend to call.)

If your community isn’t listed, check out our Wayfinding video and Wayfinding page for more help getting to school.


We have created some videos to help you get on your way.  Take a look:

Basic Riding Safety
Crossing at Canyon Meadow LRT
Taking your bike on Calgary Transit
How to find your route
Getting across Anderson LRT

Web sites and information

Pages for the Scarlett project:

Start with our Bike Calgary resources. It has all kinds of good information If you want to know more about  the rules of the road, Bike Calgary has a page about that, too. 

Winter biking;
Nigel, a BikeCalgary volunteer, shared his insights and lots of good information in a blog post.

Basic bike maintenance and safety
The ABCs pre-ride check is always a good thing to do. Air, Brakes and Bolts and chain and controls. Take 2 minutes, make sure it’s all functioning before you go.

Bike theft prevention
Two things are important – get a good U-Lock and register your bike’s serial number on Bike Index.

Bike to School YYC in the news

Livewire Calgary Article Nov. 2020

Angela Knight Interview with Laura Shutiak; Feb. 22
CBC EyeOpener