Bikes on Transit

Bikes on the C-Train

You’re allowed to take your bike on the C-Train weekdays outside commute hours (6:30-9 am, and 3-6 pm), and all day weekends. Two bikes are allowed at either end of a car; do not use the center door of a train car. There is no fee to take your bike on the C-Train.

Folding Bikes on Transit

Calgary Transit allows folding bikes, folded and in a bag, on all buses and trains at all times.

Bike Racks on Buses

Some Calgary Transit buses are equipped with bike racks. Currently, routes with bus racks are:

Route 20: Heritage/Northmount via MRU, Foothills Hospital, and University
Route 36: Chinook/Riverbend [except for Sunday after 6pm]
Route 41: Chinook/Ogden/Lynnwood

Calgary Transit claims that all buses on these routes are equipped with bike racks, but that may not be true: they have admitted that up to one-third of the buses (on the worst day) may go out without a rack. (How many customers would they have if one-third of the C-Trains showed up with a sign saying “out of service”?).

Here’s a video on how to work those bike racks, courtesy of Portland Transit.

(Note: Calgary Transit would like you to put the bike rack up when it’s empty.)

The bike racks program will be reviewed in 2011 – if you use it, or you’d like bike racks on other routes, send feedback to Calgary Transit.

Bike Lockers at C-Train Stations

Bike lockers are available to rent at selected C-Train stations, for $72 per 6 months or $132 for a year.