Ride to Remembrance – Thank you!

On behalf of Tegh Singh, his family and Bike Calgary we would like to thank everyone who contributed either by helping us on the event or to raise funds and awareness for the Veterans Transition Network and Field of Crosses. The total received by Bike Calgary alone was $3,300 which has been split equally to each charity. We are also aware that a lot of direct contributions were also made to each organization, so thank you!

“The Beast” has been retuned to its owner, pampered and is out on its normal daily Winter travels on our pathways, and we are pleased to hear that Tegh has a set of studded tires for his TWV bike and he intends to carry on riding in the Winter months!

For Tegh, Bike Calgary and the Veterans Transition Network, this is the beginning of a journey and we’ve started to plan around how cycling, as well as this event, can help veterans and their families in the future. We are also planning to work with Field of Crosses in the New Year to further our relationship and links to this important event.

Tegh added:

I would like to say thank you to both VTN and the Field of Crosses. Certainly both of these organizations have had a meaningful impact in my journey, both as a veteran, and as someone living with combat trauma. I think it’s really important to acknowledge that the work these two organizations do are equally invaluable for not only veterans, but for their families and communities. It was a real honour to give back by raising funds and helping these two organizations. I hope to be able to continue to find ways to give back to the veteran community. 

Thank you Calgary and we will be back in 2021 with a complete group ride and round trip, led by our veterans, with the pandemic hopefully well behind us!

Supported by our local business’s:

Monogram Coffee

Calgary Military Museum

Two Wheel View

Joe’s Garage

Elite Brewing & Cidery

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