#SharedStreets – Open Letter to the Mayor and Councillors

As part of our ongoing #SharedStreets campaign, Bike Calgary has issued the following letter to the elected officials of the City of Calgary. As well as providing some relevant data, some of which is provided by the City itself, we are asking for a pause in releasing back the adaptive roadways and to engage with stakeholder groups to work together and focus in the right areas, where we can help our local businesses recover and generate community income by change as well as providing safe usable cycling spaces.

What can you do?

Write to your local member of Council in support of this letter.

Contact your Ward community representative to ask how they view the pause and retention of the Shared Streets.

As a business, especially local shops, bars, restaurants etc, would you benefit from the streets being closed allowing more social distancing, a better environment, more space and a more amenable atmosphere?

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