Show Your Support For the 42 Avenue SE Complete Streets Project

The City has just finished gathering input to improve accessibility and connectivity along 42 Avenue S.E. for people who bike, walk and take transit. For cyclists, the project should greatly improve what currently is a classic “black-hole” in cycling infrastructure. Now we need to make sure this project goes ahead.

For people that are not familiar with the area, the 42 Avenue SE corridor is probably the only logical east-west connection between the Inglewood area and Heritage drive.  The road is an old-fashioned car-truck oriented design that is not inviting to ride on.  Having said that, it has the potential to from excellent connections between areas like Stanley Park, Mission Road SW and the Mission area, Spiller Road SE/Stampede Park, the cycling infrastructure on 11 Street SE, the Bow River pathway system near the Bonnybrook Bridge, etc.

Please visit the City’s website to sign up for project updates. With the recent budget cuts at the City, it is critical that we let our politicians know how very important infrastructure improvements like this are.

For easy access, here is the page to contact your ward councillor:

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