Support the making of a cycling documentary – “Undeniably Young”

Check out this animated documentary being made called UNDENIABLY YOUNG, about NORA YOUNG (1917-2016), one of Canada’s most important early female cycling pioneers. The film makers are looking to crowd fund this film.

Nora was a top competitive cyclist in Canada in the 1930s, at a time where women were just starting to cycle. She opened doors for every female cyclist to come after her, for which she was recently inducted to the Canadian Cycling Hall of Fame. She also was a women’s cycling advocate, cycled for recreation and transportation throughout her life, and kept riding right until her late 80s!

You can learn more about her here:

And here:

Check out this information from the film makers:

We currently have a crowdfunding campaign ( running for our film, and we would LOVE your support. Could you help spread the word about our film and campaign on social media? Our crowdfunding campaign closes Nov 6, so anything you could do before that is much appreciated.


One thought on “Support the making of a cycling documentary – “Undeniably Young”

  • I have met and chatted with Nora Young when I was one of the organizing members of the cycling group in Metro Toronto, Women on Wheels. All of us knew her as THE Canadian female cycling and racing legend her time and she knew the organizing members. She was very supportive of our group –workshops for women on cycling skills, rides, etc.
    I was manning the Women on Wheels information table solo for lst few hrs. at the Toronto International Bike Show at the Canadian National Exhibition. Over 5,000 people pour into the annual venue at that time ( mid 1990’s).

    She was approx.. mid 70’s but still cycling 30-40 km. daily.

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