The 1st Annual Kootenay Lake Gran Fondo – September 21, 2019

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CRESTON, BC – With Spring finally at hand, the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce is moving into full swing on producing its first annual Gran Fondo event for this September. Riders from around the world will experience the unparalleled beauty of the Kootenay Lake and environs, featuring challenging elevations and switch backs, along with lush valley and farming countryside ride routes.

Offering a warm, oceanic climate – and only 5-hours from Calgary by car –Creston will be both familiar to veterans of the Kootenay Rockies ride near Cranbrook but also offer a wholly unique, lakeside experience that coincides with a community-wide street festival and other local activities and attraction events. Definitely bring the kids!

Go to for more information, video previews and maps of the routes and a direct link to our event REGISTRATION and jersey ordering pages. Or, for more information by telephone, call Vern Gorham, Manager, Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce on 250-428-5151 or email

The Ride: Breathtaking and Challenging on the shores of the spectacular Kootenay Lake, and touring through the gorgeous Creston Valley along the rugged Skimmerhorn Mountain Range. The three disciplines (Gran, Medio, and Piccolo) offer distances for the most advanced, to the beginning rider, with each course offering breathtaking beauty, and challenge.

The Challenge: Over 300 Meter Changes In Elevation, on a spectacular course that includes lake side, mountain climb, and constant change.

The Beauty: Once you cycle this course, you may be heartbroken cycling anywhere else, as few places compare to the breathtaking beauty of our Creston Valley. Creston Valley is a resting place, and migratory route for over 300 different species of birds, and home to much variety of wildlife! You may want to hop on the longest free ferry ride in the world at Crawford Bay while you are here! There is no end to the beauty.

The Weather: The average high temperature in Creston on September 21 is a perfect-for-riding 20 C, or 68 F, with sunshine the majority of the time. There is also very little wind in our valley.

The Fun: Our Gran Fondo will start, and finish downtown Creston, which will be closed to traffic for that day. With our award winning Farmer’s Market in close proximity, and the festival like atmosphere that will be had, the riders will be sent off with tremendous support, and will be welcomed back to a hero’s welcome!

The Food: Although cherry season is finished, there is usually some late cherries still available. Much of the fresh fruit and vegetable harvest is going on during this time, affording the chance to stock up on the freshest, local Creston Valley produce to take back home with you.

The Wine: Three of our main, local wineries are key sponsors of the Kootenay Lake Gran Fondo and will be offering winery tours, and wine tasting as part of the Gran Fondo experience.

The Art: While here, you will want to check out our many local artists in Creston, and along the East Shore of the Kootenay Lake.

The Stay: A common refrain we hear from people visiting Creston and the East Shore communities for the first time is: how did I miss this place before? The weather is perfect, the pace is slow and relaxed, the food and produce is fresh and local, and the experience can be like going back in time. Little wonder, then, that the Globe and Mail newspaper has identified Creston as one the best-kept secrets in Canada.

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