The 2023-2026 Budget and a Win for Biking

The City of Calgary 2023-2026 Service Plans and Budget hearings kept cycling moving forward in Calgary.

Many of the City’s planning documents point toward expanding the 5A network (Always Available for All Ages and Abilities) of walking and cycling routes, building safe active routes to schools, and closing gaps in the existing pathway system. Throughout 2022, Bike Calgary engaged with City Councillors and staff on these priorities–including guided cycle tours through most of the city’s 14 wards.

However, in early November 2022, Calgary’s proposed four-year budget dedicated little if any funding to these critical projects.

Bike Calgary sent an open letter to Council outlining our concerns with the budget. Then, at public hearings on November 22 and 23, City Council heard directly from dozens of community members that active transportation is a key part of our city’s future. Speakers included members of Bike Calgary, the Calgary Climate Hub, Youth En Route, Sustainable Calgary, Ever Active Schools, staff from local bike shops, and many other Calgarians.

After these hearings, the budget was amended by Council. The changes included a combined $40 million increase in one-time funding for the 5A network in 2023. Council also committed to developing a longer-term operating and capital plan for the network.

Bike Calgary thanks its members, our partner organizations, and the wider community for supporting city-wide investments in active transportation.

Video Recordings of Public Hearing Speakers

The City of Calgary provides videos of public meetings. Here is a partial list of those who spoke in favour of improved active transportation infrastructure during the November 22-23 public hearings. Click the link at the top of each day for the meeting video. The timestamp provided will help you navigate to the recording of each speaker.

There were many speakers who supported active transportation. If you, or someone you know, is not on this list but should be, give us a shout at

November 22, 2022 (Video Link)

Natalie Robertson1:51:30
Sebastian Bergeron1:56:20
Brett Bergie2:19:40
Jonathan Van Heyst2:26:20
Laura Shutiak4:15:50
Pete Meadows4:24:10
David Kowel5:05:50
Pierann Moon5:42:15
Patricio Contreras6:47:30
Rob Tremblay7:26:30
Molli Bennett7:42:50
Claire Kraatz7:49:38
Julie Impy8:07:40
Adam Casey8:10:55
Roger Gagne8:19:40
Whitney Punchak8:29:20
Celia Lee10:06:15
Christie Paige10:20:25
Bob van Wegen10:32:30
Doug Clark11:03:30
Justin Simaluk12:04:05
Michael Jones12:09:43
Nolan Jones12:15:15

November 23, 2022 (Video Link)

Loraine Fowlow0:38:55
Peter Oliver0:52:05
David Barrett2:19:27
Sean Tuff2:24:37
Cathrine Davies4:15:12
Greg Miller5:52:00
Shiv Ruperrel5:56:00

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  • 2wheeler

    Great News!

    Now if they’ just build a connector from 46 Ave SE to 15th street and the West side Bow river pathway it would be great!

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