Unite the Heights and 11 Street SW Underpass

Source: City of Calgary Engage: https://engage.calgary.ca/11StreetSWUnderpass

Two more engagement opportunities have opened for upcoming projects in Calgary. This is an important opportunity to give your feedback on these projects which could include some significant upgrades for people walking and wheeling. Both projects are part of the City’s plans for a safe and connected 5A Network for walking, cycling, and other forms of active transportation.

Unite the Heights (8 Avenue North from Mayland Heights to Crescent Heights)

Engagement page: https://engage.calgary.ca/UniteTheHeights

Timeline for input: June 6-June 26, 2022

The City of Calgary is undertaking a functional planning study on 8 Avenue north, which is an important east-west street linking the communities of Mayland Heights, Saint George’s Heights, Renfrew, and Crescent Heights. Community destinations along 8 Avenue include McHugh Bluff, Crescent Heights High School, Centre Street and Edmonton Trail retail main streets, Stanley Jones School, Renfrew Community Association, Deerfoot Athletic Park, and Sir John Franklin/Mayland Heights Schools. It is also an important active transportation connection across Deerfoot Trail.

This is the first formal engagement for this project and the survey questions are focused on asking for people’s priorities, experience, and suggestions before developing detailed options for the street.

The City is pursuing federal grant funding for this project through other orders of government. Bike Calgary has provided a letter of support for that funding application.

This study is largely the result of a grassroots community collaboration from people who live and travel through the area. You can find out more at the website https://unitetheheights.ca/.

11 Avenue SW Underpass (8 Avenue to 11 Avenue SW)

Engagement page: https://engage.calgary.ca/11StreetSWUnderpass

Timeline for input: June 8-June 29, 2022

Virtual Open House: Wednesday, June 15
6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Register here.

The City has released final functional design options for the 11 Avenue SW underpass. This street contains the last at-grade crossing of the CP rail tracks between the Downtown and Beltline neighbourhoods. In 2021, separated wheeling lanes were added between 16 Avenue and 12 Avenue SW. Further north, 11 Street connects to the Downtown West-Kerby LRT station and to the Bow River Pathway.

This is the final round of formal engagement for this project. Two options have been proposed – a preferred option of an “active modes only” underpass and an alternate option of a “all modes” underpass. Both would include separate spaces for people walking and people wheeling, but the “active modes only” underpass proposes a public destination and gathering spaces along the underpass instead of vehicle travel lanes.

A great opportunity to learn more about this project is at the upcoming virtual open house on Wednesday, June 15. Here is the link to register for that event: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/11-street-sw-functional-planning-study-reveal-phase-tickets-333066349417

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