Ward Lead and Ward Representative Openings

Ward representatives are Bike Calgary’s vital links to Calgary’s communities.  They serve as points of contact for cyclists in Calgary’s neighborhoods, and also alert the Bike Calgary’s Task groups and Board of Directors to cycling-related issues in their areas.

Ward reps can also be Bike Calgary’s representatives at organization such as large employers or one of Calgary’s colleges or universities. 

This role represents the heart of the community, with passion and local knowledge about the issue both daily and in planning for events, community associations and local business. The Ward Representatives are supported by the Bike Calgary Task Groups and the Board, providing advocacy, support, resource and connections to councilors to highlight and help resolve issues, and to improve cycling in Calgary’s communities.

We currently have leadership openings in Ward 14, Ward 8, Ward 5 and Ward 3. There are also openings to support the Ward Leaders as community representatives to many of the Wards. See here for more details https://bikecalgary.org/community-engagement-team-by-wards/

Interested in becoming part of a dynamic team supporting and representing your local community for cycling? Let us know through our website at https://bikecalgary.org/contact-us/

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