Ward Reps

Ward reps are Bike Calgary’s vital links to Calgary’s communities.  They serve as points of contact for cyclists in Calgary’s neighborhoods, and alert the Bike Calgary’s Board of Directors  or Infrastructure Task Group to cycling-related issues in their areas. Ward reps can also be Bike Calgary’s representatives at organization such as large employers or one of Calgary’s colleges or universities.  They work with the Board, the city, community associations, and councillors to resolve issues and to improve cycling in Calgary’s communities.

If you’d like to join our team of ward reps, contact us.

  • Find your ward by community here.
  • Ward map.
  • Check out our current representatives and vacancies here.

Depending on availability and ability, ward reps can also:

  • Help organize local events (community bike rides, presentations to community associations)
  • Work with local BRZs (Business Revitalization Zones) to address parking (bike and car) issues, promote a “bike friendly” business program, etc.
  • Engage with community planning committees to encourage bike programs included in local initiatives
  • Submit cycling updates to community associations on new infrastructure, submit stories to community newsletters
  • Help run information workshops on cycling at the community level