WCC2019 & WBTWD were big successes!

On February 6-8, 2019 Calgary hosted the 7th annual Winter Cycling Congress (WCC2019), hosting attendees from around the world – including Finland, Sweden, USA, and Canada (probably more, but those were just some of the people I chatted with). It was a great success, bringing together winter cyclists, urban planners & engineers, advocacy specialists, and others together to discuss how to make riding in the winter easier and safer.

The event culminated in Calgary’s annual Winter Bike to Work Day (WBTWD) in the afternoon of Friday, February 8th.

If you attended or heard about the Congress, we would love to hear your reactions in the comments section of this blog post.

Here are just a few news articles written about the Congress and Winter Bike to Work Day. Feel free to share more.




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